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we start with developing news. there's a manhunt underway for two gunmen who shot an officer. there is our top story at this noon hour. i'm maureen naylor in today for tori campbell. the extentive -- extensive manhunt is underway for two men near morago who shot at a patrol officer. you are looking at a live view
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of our news crew up above. there's a line of searchers combing this area. they believe this is the area where the men are that shot at the officer. you can see there's about a dozen people conducting the search. we've seen from newschopper2, taken about a half-hour ago, and a s.w.a.t. team jumped out of the armored vehicle with guns drawn. this morning, a park captain said the search last night was done very quickly. but today's search, it will be comprehensive. >> we don't take these things lightly. we go in tactically prepared. it's an area with a lot of concealment and cover. it will be an exhaustive planned operation. >> the gunmen opened up fire around 7:00 last night. the officer took cover and was
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not injured. it took agencies several hours. we'll continue to monther the live search and bring you updates if there is any on during this newscast. your post office could be on the chopping block and it includes more than a dozen bay area locations. allie rasmus joins us live with what happens next. >> reporter: well, right now nothing has been decided just yet. none of those 13 stations are officially on the chopping block. right now the postal service is just looking at a list of post offices it might close a few months from now. and this station is on that list. worker at -- workers at the bayview office load 13 cratefuls of mail. >> back in 2006, which was our best year ever, we had about
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213 billion pieces of mail. last year we were down to 170 billion. >> reporter: more people are sending things electronically. >> about 50% of our bills are being paid online now. that's revenue that's lost. that was basically our bread and butter. >> reporter: the postal office loves $8 billion last year. now they are considering closing post offices to save money. the bayview is one of 13 in the area that will be studied for possible closure. five are in san francisco from visitacion valley to the post office and the federal building downtown. two are in oakland, including the eastmont post office. >> another four on the peninsula, one in napa county and one in san jose. if any or all of them close, the process would take about four months. customers would have a chance to speak about out -- speak out about it through surveys and public meetings. >> if there's public meetings about it, will you be there? >> absolutely. absolutely. and the neighborhood will, too. bayview branch, that's our community post office.
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>> i will be very sad. it has my p.o. box on my i.d.. so i don't want to lose this area. >> reporter: now, some of the things the postal service will consider before closing a station like this are -- like this are things like the number of customers it gets every day and in the case of this bayview station, the nearest office is about a mile and a half away. not exactly walking distance for a lot of people in this neighborhood. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. new at noon, david wu announced in the last few hours, he's resigning from congress, following a sex scandal. an 18-year-old woman accuses the 56-year-old democratting of a recently unwanted sexual encountert. recently, wu told aides it was consensual. nancy pelosi called for an investigation. he says the well-being of his children comes first and he will step down as soon as the debt ceiling debate is
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resolved. today, accused serial diller joseph nasso will find out if he will get legal heap -- help. he had planned to represent himself on murder charges. ese accused of killing four northern california women between 1997 and 1994. now he's asking for advisory counsel to be paid for by the public. we have calls into the court. we'll have more on this at 5:00. the mother of one of the defendants in the bryan stow beating case says her son is innocent. 30-year-old marvin no rwood and 29-year-old louie sanchez are behind bars on $500,000 bail. they are accused of stocking -- new yorking stow to the ground outside of dodger stadium and beating and kicking him before they ran away. this woman is marvin's mother. she says she knows in her heart he didn't hurt stow. >> everybody in the family was shocked, totally shocked. it was like oh, my god. you're kidding. and when he called me from the
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jail, to let me know he was in jail, the first thing was not, mom i'm in jail. it was, mom, i'm okay. >> fans reported the area near where the two suspects were sitting, fans reported that area as being loud an belligerent to the police -- and belligerent to the police. and here's kraig debro about the lockout. >> reporter: look at the parking. every space in the lot is full. sore some of the players, it's like the first day of july. >> this is joe staley, let me in! >> reporter: the 49er guard is the first to arrive. players won't practice today. just team meetings and meeting the team.
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>> oh, man. very excited. nervous but very excited. >> reporter: for staley it's the anticipation. on the team's twitter pain, he wrote, not going to -- page, he wrote, not going to lie. i have the first day of school jitters like i used to get. >> i do not expect any kind of agency. >> reporter: the players were locked out, and the new year is a ten-year compromise that calls for more money for the owners but a less demanding workout schedule for the players. one took advantage of that during the lockout. >> it's been a lot of years, i know, playing year-round sports and to finally get this time off like i did. i really felt like it helped -- helped my body. >> unlike the 49ers earns the raiders will have to -- 49ers, the dash unlike the 49ers, the
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raiders -- unlike the raiders, the 49ers will have to travel to napa and with the first practice game two weeks away, there is an increased level of urgency. >> it's gonna be a score of. ed -- scorched earth plan of teaching and coaching when this gets started. >> reporter: the team is anxious to get players in. they can't play until they get a physical. they scheduled physicals for stanford at 1 a. 30 so conceivably -- 1:30. so conceivably they could be back this afternoon to practice. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. later today, ed lee will sign the city's new budget for 2011 and 2012. the board aproved the budget earlier -- approved the budget earlier this month. it includes a police academy class and security at hospitals. the mayor will sign the budget this afternoon at 3:30 at san francisco city hall. the rhetoric on capitol hill is heating up over the
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debt ceiling. nancy pelosi says republicans are using the crisis to try and destroy government's ability to function. >> they don't just want to make cuts. they want to destroy. they want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education. >> house speaker john boehner says he'll press ahead tomorrow with a vote on a two-step plan that would cut the deficit by $3 trillion. but that would require a second vote debt ceiling in february. >> this was negotiated in a bipartisan manner between both houses of the congress. and i do think that we're gonna have some work to do to get it passed but i think we can do it? >> president obama -- can do it. >> president obama backed a senate plan to reduce the deficit by $2.7 trillion. the harry's road plan would put off a vote son the debt ceiling until 2013. the date showdown for a second day is causing some worry on wall street.
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taking a live look at the big word. the dow is down -- at the big board. the dow is down and overseas asian markets closed up higher. the nikkei closed up 46 points. investors are optimistic that something will happen before next week. the congress department released the home june sales. new home sales fell 1% to a rate of 312,000 homes sold per year but for the second year in a row, home pry iz -- home prices were up in 16 of the 20 largest cities. analysts say housing remains the weakest part of the u.s. economy. president obama visited the norwegian embassy in washington this morning to pay his respects to the victims of the terrorist attacks. the lawyer for the admitted shooter is speaking publicly about the case. he says anders breivik was on
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some kind of stimulant drug at the time of the attacks and told him he was surprised that he wasn't dilled -- killed by police. >> this whole case as indicated is insane. he is in a war and he says the rest of the world, especially the western world, don't understand his point of view. that's in -- that in 60 years we'll understand him. >> the president said "the thoughts and prayers of all americans are with the people of norway and we will stand behind you -- beside you every step of the way." a final goode boy for sing -- goodbye for singer amy winehouse. private memorial service taking place this morning. and here is a live look outside, blue sky on this tuesday noon hour. rosemary's up next with a little heat up in the forecast. and the local back-to- school is shop -- back-to- school shopping spree. you how it's all part of a
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nationwide effort.
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the navy is showing so a 20- story floating city nicknamed qabe "in los angeles this week. the a -- nicknamed "abe" in los
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angeles this week. several thousand sailors were -- were packed in. it returned in march after a six-month deployment to the persian gulf. students in need went on a back-to-school shopping spree this morning. >> this is another one. >> perfect. do you like that? >> yes. >> okay. >> this is video store of a target store in colma where 30 students were shopping for school supplies. the rest of the students were different vied between two other -- divided between two other target stores. each child was given an $80 card by the salvation army. target is providing $1 million in gift cards for almost 500 stores. cal fire updated us about a stubborn fire in southern california that continues to burn out of control. the eagle fire has been burning
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since last thursday. it's now closed -- burned close to 13,000 acres and is still only 45% contained. firefighters say they've been relying on air support including 15 helicopters and eight air tankers. that's nods to the 1100 firefighters working on the ground. the cause of the fire is -- that's in addition to the 1100 firefighters working on the ground. a fire on montgomery street started on the roof and quickly spread to a penthouse apartment. the expect cause is still not known. some -- exact cause is still not known. there's minor water damage and no injuries were reported. a woman walking -- walking heard a series of gunshots and realized she was shot in the back. the woman went to the hospital and is expected to survive.
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police believe she was not the intended target. we now know the names of two men arrested in a shooting that left an 11-year-old girl fighting for her life. the suspects are 19-year-old lazarus thomas of daly city and shaden ka pre -- -- shaden ka pre. a stray bullet went through the window and hit the girl in the chest. she remains in critical condition but is said to be stable. the two men accused -- the two accused have a history of crime. one of the men was sentenced last week for second-degree conviction. an uninnedded man called police about a a -- an unidentified man called police about a message that his friend posted about taking his own
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life. family and friends and band members of amy winehouse gathered in london for a private memorial service. it took place at a london synagogue. police are waiting for toxicology reports which will take another two to four weeks. since she died her album sales have spiked an tributes are have -- and tributes have been pouring in from all over the world. good afternoon. another enjoyable forecast is shaping up. still a little bit of fog and cloud cover out there. it's burned back to -- well, near the coastline. most of us dealing -- most of us dealing with mosquitoes -- mostly cloudy skies. even the coast beginning to see some clear conditions. notice the winds.
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they are north-northwestly. and that's what helps bring us signny conditions and push back the -- sunny conditions and push back the fog. 70s at san jose. livermore, concord, also reporting a misdemeanor 70s at this time -- mid-70s at this time. over the north bay, 68. napa, 76 forker to. i'm gonna -- 76 for santa rosa. i'm gonna back up a little bit. this trough has been off the west coast for the last few days. now it's beginning to move to the east. ridge of high pressure will be the dominant weather factor as we move through the next few days. mostly sunny skies in store for today. a little cooler in the afternoon but we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies and then our afternoon highs. and our inland will warm up a
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little bit. 84 in sonoma, upper 70s, san rafael. 80 for martinez. 83 walnut creek. 84 in danville. meanwhile, headed out to antioch, upper 80s. 87. 86 morgan hill. sunnyvale, 76 for the afternoon. 68 in san francisco and low 60s. daly city, and 65 for half moon bay. your extended forecast, today slightly warmer than yesterday. the bigger warming trend will take place wednesday into thursday. upper 80s in and around the valley locations, turning into the lower 90s in time for the weekend. right along the coastline again is gonna be beach weather in time for saturday and you sunday. after all of this time -- and sunday, after all of this time -- >> looks like a perfect weekend. >> not too bad.
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>> no. thanks, rosemary. >> yes, sure. phyllis johnson was hanging her laundry when a full-grown kangaroo came plowing through the clothes and he kicked her but she managed to fight it off. >> hit him on the head with the broom. it was -- it's still coming at me. >> police came to the rescue also with pepper spray. the kangaroo was an escaped pet named eddie. vets will examine the animal before a decision is made about his future. starbucks is going on strike. where coffee lovers are having to find other places to get their coffee fix. ush
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welcome back. we're taking back another live look at the new york stock exchange where stocks are down for a second straight day. gridlock in washington has been pulling stocks lower today. the dow is down 66 points. as for the other indexes, we have nasdaq, that's up, slightly up, 1 point. s&p right now is down 2. thety so ray oil refinery in -- the tesoro oil refinery has agreeed to paying a fine.
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the company officials say they reported many of the incidents at about 40% of the unreported incidents they say were due to paperwork errors. american apparel is using a new strategy to boost its sagging sales of hoodies an t- shirt. they are teaming up with ebay to create an online store. the two say there already is a strong need for this. american apparel expects to become a multi-million dollar business within the first year. walmart is getting into the streaming video business. starting today, the world's largest retailer streams and wents -- rents movies online. it's currently offering $20,000 -- 20,000 movies. they can be viewed on tvs and almost any device with internet access including pcs and
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playstations. movies are available to be rent for $1 and $5 and can -- $6 and can be bought for $5. starbucks workers are going on struck. this is in chile. employees are outside protesting and are demanding better pay and benefits. they are not enjoying a frappuccino during a break because they say it's a hunger strike, too. public officials are giving mcdonald's a thumb up for its latest changes to happy meals. starting in september, mcdonald's will start to craze in the -- phase in the changes. the size of the french fry serving will be cut by half. they will be adding fruit and milk as choices. coming up tonight at 5:00, we'll continue to track a developing story near morago. we'll don't to ding -- we'll
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continue to bring you more about the manhunt underway. we have two reporters that are covering this story. we'll have all of the latest details on that manhunt that's underway right now coming up at 5:00. that's our next newscast at 5:00. of course, you can always follow us 24/7 online at from all of us here at channel 2. we hope you have a wonderful tuesday. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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